Bringing Smiles to Life.

Having a beautiful smile can help create the confidence a person needs to go out into the world and do great things. Let's change the world together by enabling your patients to see their potential so that you can bring more confident smiles to life.

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Increase cosmetic case acceptance
& hourly production!
Increase cosmetic case acceptance
& hourly production!

PreVu® cosmetic simulation and smile design software is a quick and easy tool that gets patients interested in cosmetic dentistry, including dental veneers, dental implants, orthodontics, teeth whitening and more. PreVu allows patients to envision themselves with their new smile, which motivates them to accept the case and to schedule their dentistry sooner.

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Instant Download - Practice before purchase. See how you can easily create simulations using PreVu demo photos.

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Instant Download - Create simulations using your own patient photos.

See How PreVu Benefits the Practice

Increased Communication and Understanding

  • Allows the patients to instantly PreVu their potential smile for better understanding of treatment and increased case acceptance.
  • Create an "emotional want" so patients prioritize discretionary resources toward improving their smile.

Cost-Effective Pricing

  • Fraction of the cost when compared with outsourcing to an imaging service.
  • Each plan includes 3 doctor licenses and a team license. Additional licenses can be purchased as needed for a nominal fee.
  • Discounts for multiple practice locations.
  • Low monthly fee. No contract. Cancel at any time. Discounts for longer subscriptions.


  • Simple, intuitive design that can be utilized quickly by any member of your team.
  • Affordable technology that adds the WOW factor to any appointment, especially enhancing the new-patient experience.
  • Work from any computer in your practice (and even from home).

Broaden your Circle of Influence

  • Family, friends, and co-workers who see the patient’s simulation will help you by encouraging patients to get treatment.


  • Practice-branded printouts of before and simulated photos for increased word-of-mouth referrals. (Email option included)
  • Inclusion in doctor locator on PreVu patient site,
Top Dentists Love PreVu
Drs. Chris and Maja Martin Village Dental

We have been users of PreVu for almost a year now. I find it to be an invaluable tool. Our doctors have all seen much higher case acceptance across the board. PreVu allows us to compete in the marketplace with other goods and services that are geared toward making people “feel good.” Perhaps the best part of the entire PreVu offering is the ability to engage the team members in creating the before-and-after images.

With a little effort in establishing a system of simple photo taking, the entire process can be TEAM driven. The doctor doesn't even have to become involved. What a game changer! I used to have to wait 24 hours for cosmetic imaging; now it can happen in minutes!

Dr. Dean Vafiadis New York Smile Institute Program Director, Full-Mouth Reconstruction, NYU College of Dentistry

When it comes to simulation software, I recommend PreVu because it is quick to use and the patients can take their printed simulation with them the same day as their initial appointment. PreVu is great at engaging and educating patients and it allows us the opportunity to show patients different treatment options so that they can visualize the difference and lean more towards optimal care.

Using PreVu brings the use of photography in my practice to a higher level. And patients appreciate that we help them envision outcomes by showing them how their appearance may improve after treatment.

Dr. Christian Yaste Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

To someone who is suffering from an embarrassing smile there is no more powerful tool of hope than cosmetic dental imaging. For years we have used this technology in our practice and, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. PreVu software has now made this incredible service for your patients more cost-effective, and easier than ever.

Every team member in my office can now provide a simulation of treatment for our patients in minutes. Cosmetic imaging is a must for any dentist providing cosmetic or reconstructive dental care. PreVu software removes any excuses for not using cosmetic dental imaging software in your practice everyday.